Sunday, November 4, 2012

4-Star Review of Home Schooling: The Fire Night Ball

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4.0 out of 5 stars A Perfect Read for the Season October 23, 2012

By feams8


Marlena Bellum's family history of being cursed real or imagine in the mind of Letty Brown-Hawker, was a questionable distraction to the young woman.

Marlena finds strength and comfort from her family and friends, when she is faced with a life changing decision.
She finds the there is a difference between genuine love and obsessive love; one is true and the other striving after the wind.

Marlena Bellum also learns the responsibility of her actions and uncovering sometimes love comes from unsuspecting alliances.
Her courage serves her faithfully as she encounters a setback only to come out stronger with better insight into the nature of the people in her life.

The climax to the story boils to fever pitch as everyone in town anticipates Chloe Vye's annual Christmas Fire Night Ball, and it doesn't disappoint. The many twist and turns will leave you gasping and laughing.

Home Schooling: The Fire Night Ball, kudos to the author on a fine job.- EK Ellis